Submersible Water Pumps

All About Pumps And Pipes offers a large range of pumps from such manufacturers as Southern Cross, Grundfos, Davey, Ebara, Flowjet to name a few. Pumps can be catagorised into the following areas:


Pump Brands  Pump Types
DAB  Industrial
Universal MD  Bore Pumps
Davey  House Pumps
Southern Cross MD  Spear Pumps
Ebara MD  Pool Pumps
Calpeda  Spa Pumps
Lowara MD  Diaphragm Pumps
Onga  Centrifugal Pumps
Orange Pumps  Multi Stage Pumps
Johnson  Pond Pumps
Zennit  Air Bore Pumps
Little Giant  Chemical Pumps
Tsurumi  Submiersible Pumps
Mono  Sump Pumps
Regent  Stormwater Pumps
KSB Ajax  Sewerage Pumps
Pondmate  Low Voltage Pumps
Grundfos  Air conditioning Pumps
Flyght  Mag Drive Pumps
BIANCO Pumpz  Drum Pumps
Flojet  Marine Pumps
 Food Processing Pumps
MD – master dealer  Firefighter Pumps
 De-sal Pumps
 Mining Pumps
 Bilge Pumps
 Variable speed drive Pumps 1-50kw
 Press Switches
 Constant Press Switches
 Float Valves
 Kelco Valves

The following pages will endeavour to outline the types and styles of pumps Gold Coast Sprinker And Pumping Centre provide its clientelle, please click the links to obtain more information

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